GDI – The Hockey Goalie Academy in Germany

GDI Germany was founded in 2006 and has since spawned numerous national players. Learn more about us below.

GDI carries out training camps for hockey goalies and assists pro teams within the scope of the goalie education. GDI’s coaches furthermore train the goalies of various junior teams and support them by setting up training camps within the clubs. As of today, GDI has become a significant part of Hockey in Germany and serves as expert point of reference for pro teams, coaches, managers and agents alike when it comes to the further development of athletes.

GDI doesn’t simply offer training for hockey goalies, because we live, love and breathe what we do. Consequently, GDI trainings are the best experience a goalie could possibly have within his education. Because our passion knows no limits. We are convinced that there is no prime example for the way the goalie position should be played. Nowadays, outstanding hockey goalies have exceptional control over their position play, the puck and the game itself. Control is their key to success, not style.

GDI – At the pulse of time

For many years, GDI has been the creator of innovative trends when it comes to tactical game systems. GDI is always at the pulse of time and continuously improves and develops their services.


It is our philosophy to make every athlete better. The high level of our training is secured by a profound and modern training concept based on the Canadian model. However, we focus on every aspect of the game. We don’t only want our athletes to improve their performance, but rather understand the whole game as such and become able to autonomously work on their skills. Because only they can have the final and essential impact on their development. Our sport scientific concept is highly effective and well-proven. We attach great value to a detailed instruction. Correct form and execution constitute the foundation for reducing possible sources of error. Through thorough training, complicated techniques and tactics can be grasped fairly quickly. During the next step of training, significant final corrections take place. The newly-acquired skills are then repeated till perfection. Here, our emphasis lies on a high level of speed and controlled dynamics, because only in this way the player will be able to create automatisms and quickly react without hesitating too long. Athletes have to be fully focused at all times. Our high level of training prepares goalies for life-like crucial game situations, leading to a constant, efficient and controlled performance.

Discipline and an iron will are key

The improvement of skating skills constitutes a big part of our training. That’s why we have established our own power-skating program that has been well-proven for years – even on the highest levels of play. We generally put high emphasis on speed and controlled dynamics, because these skills enable goalies to quickly and automatically react without long hesitation. Athletes need to be fully focused in crucial situations. Our high level of training prepares goalies for life-like crucial game situations, leading to a constant, efficient and controlled performance.

Another focal point of our training concept is to teach athletes the ability to read and understand the game as such (also from the point of view of defensemen and forwards), not only tactically but also as far as the following elements are concerned: Instinct, anticipation, creativity, responsiveness and the ability to overcome limits of their own mind.

We call this part of our training “Hockey Sense”. With the help of this training concept, GDI manages to create a balance in every goalie’s game structure and identity.

The roots of the hockey game remain the foundation of a successful training concept:

  • Fun
  • Passion for competition
  • Hard work
  • Iron will

For goalies, it all comes down to this at the end of the day:

  • Finding a way to stop the puck
  • Radiating serenity and self-assurance
  • Always giving their team the chance to win