For many years, GDI has been the heart of the education of hockey goalies in Germany. No one lives the goalie position more than we do. There is no other place where coaches and goalies have such a deep connection and where coaches identify that highly with the development of each of their mentees. Nobody lives traditional sports values such as competition, passion and dedication and the goalie position as such more than we do. The academy itself, its history, success as well as our goalies and their ability to always deliver on the highest level of play: All of this combined makes GDI an exceptional hockey academy.

We are convinced that there is no prime example for the way the goalie position should be played. Nowadays, outstanding hockey goalies have exceptional control over their position play, the puck and the game itself. Control is their key to success, not style



Our programs always aim for an in individual approach of each goalie while simultaneously making sure to establish a great foundation with the right and most recent measures. This is why we created the training programs Advanced, High Performance, Prospect and Pro Consulting.

We reach those development stages by building on each goalie’s basic foundation through the improvement of their physiological resources and their knowledge about the goalie position as such.