The Pro Consulting Level manifests the conclusion within the GDI camp structure. It is a guarantee for innovative techniques and tactics in the high-end sector. Individual consulting enables goalies to make detailed refinements within their game system. Due to the camp taking place at an early stage of the pre-season, these mechanisms can be sustainably adapted, since there is a lack of pressure caused by imminent competitions. All training programs are tailored to each pro-goalie’s needs under the direction of GDI Europe director Benedikt Weichert. The camp structure is coined by always guiding athletes to solutions that guarantee peak performance even at the highest level of play. The conceptual guideline: Will & Dedication to detail lead to Difference Making

Services and features of the Pro Consulting Program

GDI Europe Director Benedikt Weichert

Benedikt Weichert has been working for GDI since 1995. In 2006 he took office as General Manager and sports director of the GDI Europe Hockey Academy. In the past years, he repeatedly proved that he has the ability to push goalkeepers to the highest level of performance. One of his biggest strengths is the analytical study of all elements of the game and the ability to transform his observations into result-oriented methods and training modes. Innovative high-end techniques within the scope of the Pro Consulting Program are integrated in the latest and most innovative influences of modern goalkeeping. Focal points of the training include the establishment of effective shot preparation measures, refinement of control and the precision of the first save. In this way, an exceptional puck control as well as efficient post defense can be established. A further element is the improvement of density regarding ideal space coverage. For this purpose, various complex change of direction mechanisms are created. The main focus remains on a lateral game concept under top speed circumstances. This is why there’s intensive work on rush management in the tactical sector.

Pre analysis and priority setting

GDI will create a detailed analysis based on provided video footage.

Customized training exercises

All exercises are created to best serve the individual needs of each goalie and are based on the analysis produced prior to the training. The structure of the training program includes a gradual implementation.  The qualitative repetitive character leads to structural changes.

GDI Skill Development Training

The number of participants is limited to max. 2 goalies per group. The number of practice groups is also limited to a maximum of 8 groups per on-ice session. All groups are coordinated according to the participants’ individual skills. Benedikt Weichert (and his assistant) will be in charge of the on-ice training and ensure a correct exercise structure and execution of the position play, techniques and tactics.

Since the year 2000, the GDI Pro Consulting Program has been taking place in the Cologne training facilities (Kölnarena II), the home of the Kölner Haie (hockey club). In close proximity to the Lanxess Arena, one of Europe’s most advanced hockey facilities is located. The Kölnarena II offers best training conditions, spacious changing rooms and common areas for athletes. The sportsbar restaurant is also part of the training facility.

Approach: The training facility is located on Gummersbacher Str. 4, 50679 Cologne (Deutz) in the immediate vicinity of the Lanxess Arena.


The dates for the Pro Consulting Programs with Benedikt Weichert are:
End of June till early July. Please request all current dates and info material from our office: office@gdihockey.de

The GDI Pro Consulting Program is offered in two segments:
There is a daily fee of 500.- Euro per training day and participant (max. 8 goalies)

After receiving the registration form, GDI will send out confirmation documents including further helpful information regarding camp preparation.

If you are arriving by plane, we recommend flying to Düsseldorf Airport. In case of an arrival via train, it is best to travel to the Köln Deutz station which is in close proximity to the training facility.

Each day of training includes two personalized on-ice training sessions, an additional power skating unit to optimize position speed, video recordings as well as individual consulting based on said recordings. 

To qualify for the Pro Consulting Program, athletes have to be on pro level and already have DEL or second league experience. The participation in a previous GDI Prospect Training Camp is a further precondition to qualify for this level.

All booked dates have to be coordinated with the GDI direction post registration. To guarantee an ideal preparation, the arrival should take place one day before the start of the training. GDI should be provided with video recordings at least one month before the start of the camp (all recordings will be treated as highly confidential). Board and lodging lie in the athlete’s area of responsibility, we are glad to assist you with the organization.

Felix Brückmann (Grizzlys Wolfsburg – DEL), Youri Ziffzer (Adler Mannheim – DEL), Danny aus den Birken (Red Bull München – DEL), Dimitri Pätzold (Straubing Tigers – DEL), Jonas Langmann (Ravensburg Tower Stars – DEL2), Daniar Dshunussow (Kölner Haie – DEL), Nicklas Treutle (Red Bull München – DEL), Dennis Endras (Adler Mannheim – DEL), Sebastian Vogl (Grizzlys Wolfsburg – DEL)