Development level ADV

The Advanced Level Program (ADV) focuses on the refinement of technical skills while simultaneously taking the positional play as well as the post-save behavior to a higher level. The improvement of both elements leads to a constant and sustainable performance increase.


During all on-ice units, athletes will be focusing on technical skill and tactics training. Participants will gain better control over their execution of the defense, recovery and position-specific motion sequences (PSM) to increase their position accuracy. All units target mobility and lead to the participant’s acquisition of better and more constant positions. The main focus lies on Center Net Play.

Participants will furthermore study the psychological components of the goalie position and learn how to influence their opponent’s offensive moves. Post-saves while down will also be practiced in this phase. The combination of a physically challenging and detailed technical training and establishing a clear understanding of  basic tactics will provide goalies with a solid foundation.


The athletes will be participating in a daily off-ice fitness program that is tailored to goalies. This program also includes team-building measures and other challenging activities. All goalies will be introduced to a structured conditioning program including fitness tests and training measures which are mandatory for the further and sustainable development of all key fitness components. We also offer the following activities: various team sports, the comprehensive ADVD2 theory series as well as the obligatory GDI training diary.


After completing our program, graduates will have acquired the following set of skills:

  • Professional positional skills
  • Simple defense techniques
  • The ability to read plays and influence offensive sequences
  • Overview of the requirements for a goalie-specific fitness training