The high Performance Program constitutes the third component of our training system. This stage of development aims towards the refinement of tactical and transitional skills. Additionally, it will improve each goalie’s physiological and psychological performance components. In order to qualify for this program, all participants  must have an exceptional pre-existing set of technical skills as well as be in great physical condition.


At the beginning of the on-ice training, the athlete’s shot preparation as well as position play will be thoroughly analyzed. This helps us assess how to successfully integrate each element into their play. The first part of the program trains goalies in coordinating their up with their down game. This happens by integrating the highly-efficient down mobility in their play. These methods are tantamount for a peak goalie development and training. They furthermore connect dynamic post-save reactions with the goalie’s primary aim of gaining space while simultaneously keeping full responsiveness, resulting in an essential method of defense. Additionally, studying offensive as well as defensive strategies teaches the athletes how to have a bigger impact on their team’ transition play. Another part of the strategic training is the implementation of creative stick use in the athlete’s play. The on-ice program concludes in the creation of interfaces between the physical and mental preparation for upcoming seasons and scouting training courses.


Every day, all participants will undergo a series of  fitness tests which help recognize their particular physiological requirements. They also serve to monitor their development progress with regard to the pre-season preparation. All athletes will go through a challenging week of training. Theoretical as well as practical knowledge will be conveyed to them, making sure athletes understand what they can do to improve their physical condition. A personal training and action plan will be created to lay the best possible foundation for them to play on the highest level. Their training will be accompanied by various team building measures, enabling athletes to grow personally through challenges within the team.


After completing our program, graduates will have acquired the following set of skills:

  • Professional Positional Skills
  • Dynamic post-save and positional recovery
  • Exceptional visual habits leading to zero-delay off save
  • Increased physiological and psychological resources
  • Detailed technical knowledge about the goalie position