GDI’s Prospect Programs offer unique development potential for goalies who are on their way to becoming established pro athletes.

Our prospect goalies benefit from the world’s most advanced tactical, position play and transition training. GDI’s exclusive and unique education/ repetition/ simulation training program (ERS™) guarantees optimal performance enhancement. The first unit (Education) of the ERS™ system includes a special refinement and creates exceptional movement mechanics in combination with technical elements.

In the second unit (Repetition), the goalie will be repeating parts of our training concepts numerous times. These repetitions enable the goalie to create life-like changes in his technical play.

In the final unit (Simulation), the goalkeeper participates in a real game. This model lets goalies spontaneously engage in concrete game situations, helping all GDI coaches analyze their behavior under pressure in dynamic game situations.

The main focus of the Prospect Programs does not only lie on the monitoring and improvement of technical components, but rather on the development of instinctive, anticipating and therefore competitive skills.  Its performance features make the Prospect Program the best model for goalies in the world.